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ALAN, Dream Team
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My name is Alan and I love being on the Impossible Dreams Team. I hope to meet you at an event I'll speak at this year.

Well hello there, I’m Alan. I’m Joshua’s little brother. When I grow up, I want to be a doctor AND a movie director.  A mix between a surgeon and George Lucas would be my ideal spot.  I love Star Wars, and honestly, I could talk about it forever! I would love to write a biography on the life of Secret, my favorite dog besides Owen Carlitos. My Impossible Dream for this year is to meet people who do important things in this world. I have so many career ideas! I can't wait to see up close what people do who work hard and I will have questions ready for them. I will also ask them for a photo so you can see who I meet and I will tell you about them in my blog posts. I just learned blogging and I like it very much. 

Alan is well-spoken and articulate, with fresh ideas and endless enthusiasm bursting from every seam. You easily lose yourself in a conversation with this amazing kid, completely unaware that he is only 11 years old!  

Alan and his brother Joshua have been with Raising Hope Dogs from the very beginning, and have built meaningful relationships with each of our working dogs -- from Frisco and Osa, to Secret and Rebel, and now to Dandy, Booster and Apollo.  Alan and Joshua are eager participants at every event the Raising Hope calendar holds! With his kind and forward personality, Alan is well suited to establish a strong presence within the Impossible Dreams Team.

Alan is new to knowing about autism and how it affects his brother and both of their futures. He has a special place in the lives of all of his HopeDog friends. He loves to hang out and play games with them as their equal.  And his natural gift for talking lets him help his friends with autism have an easier time of things, especially at our many community events. Alan welcomes crowds and introduces his friends with questions they can answer with just a couple of words. He easily expresses genuine appreciation for people who support our kids and dogs. He can't wait to gain formal public speaking skills and share his heart as a young but powerful voice for Raising Hope.

Alan will evolve to have many dreams for this year and many years to come. With his warmth and drive to experience new big things, there is no question he will find meaningful opportunities, and stretch to reach every single goal he sets out to achieve.

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